Hard Rain

This video installation deals with the phenomenon of cycles and turning points. These facets are immanent to the medium of film as they are to reality itself. The first video channel is dominant through it's physical size and the audacious nature of it's content. The two women in this video are sharing an experience that lends itself to some kind of goal, though it is unclear what this situation is really trying to accomplish. Is it's purpose to clean? tarnish? subdue? bond? It becomes increasingly clear that whatever the intention is, it will never become realized. Both individuals are trapped in an eternal limbo in which the process becomes infinitely more important than any outcome or goal. The second video channel recreates a scene from Ingmar Bergman's film Persona, in which two women face the camera lens. This short scene can be interpreted as the turning point of the film. After a brief moment of overlap, the roles of each character begin the process of reversal. The newly reenacted scene is emotionally charged, and even though the interaction between the subjects has a clear beginning and end, this clarity becomes blurred as the video is constantly repeated in an endless loop.
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